Exclusive Materials

Materials for Body and Soul

Every material we use at Mothwurf is carefully selected, of utmost quality and fairly produced in Central Europe. This is true for our premium quality silk blends from Austria as well as our handmade French lace and all our silk trims with exclusive Mothwurf designs.
Trims with Exclusive Design

The trims of Mothwurf dresses and skirts feature collection specific patterns, which are in this form only available through Mothwurf. The patterns are specifically designed by the Mothwurf design team to reflect each collection’s theme and woven exclusively for Mothwurf.

Silk Blends Made in Austria's Waldviertel

Mothwurf uses a blend of silk and stretch yarn that is extremely comfortable to wear while at the same time radiating elegance and grace. These fabrics are designed and manufactured in Lower Austria and come from a traditional Austrian silk weaving mill.

Loden from Austria

Loden fabric is one of the most durable traditional materials in the textile sector. At Mothwurf, we use loden from traditional Austrian loden weaving mills. The whole manufacturing process from the careful selection of the finest merino wool fibers to the finished cloth is closely monitored.

A Love for Lace

Several of our delicate lace details are manufactured exclusively for Mothwurf based on our designs and color-coordinated to match each individual collection. They adorn dresses and shirts and add grace and elegance to each piece.

Buttons with Character

At Mothwurf, we pay special attention to buttons. To us, a button is not just a practical necessity but an elegant design element. Unique button details made from metal, fired porcelain or natural materials such as horn, leather or mother-of-pearl have become a signature feature of our garments.