Unique Design

Designs by Mothwurf unite tradition and zeitgeist. This innovative combination of past and present influences seems incompatible at first but is exactly what makes our collections unique. The designs are simple yet unmistakable due to our bold color and fabric choices and use of decorative details. Each unique design accentuates the wearer’s distinctive personality and underlines their personal individuality.

Mothwurf is not just fashion, it’s a lifestyle!


The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

Stefanie Schramke started designing and drawing models at an early age while her sister enjoyed sewing. Apparently, this aptitude for creating fashion is indeed inheritable as Stefanie’s daughter, Anna-Katharina, also showed an early interest in fabrics and sewing. Anna-Katharina would lie on fabrics, trace the contours of her body and then sew the parts together.

Anna-Katharina: “According to my mother, when I was still a young child, I once said: ‘You know, mom, one day there will be two women in the company. A pretty young one and an old one!’ Time will tell if my daughter sees it that way too.

Since 2008, Stefanie and Anna-Katharina have shared responsibility for the design department and created their collections together. The two powerful women may have different approaches and ideas but they complement each other perfectly. There are rarely any disagreements.

Anna-Katharina about working with her mother: „I’ve already learned so much from her and I’m very happy to have such a great role model. We really enjoy the creative work we do together.”